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Today is a big day! We’ve just released a new version of Night Out that includes countless upgrades, optimizations, and fun stocking stuffers that now make Night Out the most powerful event ticketing and discovery platform on the market!

What exactly does this mean for you and your events? Let’s just say that it all just got much better! Here is a highlighted list of the enhancements that are now available to you:

Night Out is 4x more powerful
We’ve drastically improved our server architecture and increased our RAM by over 4x. We now have servers that are housed in multiple data centers throughout the world making our system more powerful and reliable than ever. We’ve made it simple to spawn up new servers within a matter of minutes to meet influxes of traffic and transaction spikes.

Stronger SSL encryption
Security is one of the most important elements of any e-commerce service and is the key to providing an absolutely bulletproof experience for users. We’ve gone the extra mile and upgraded our SSL (Secure Sockets Layer*) provider with the strongest encryption levels on the market. *An internet protocol designed to provide communication security.

Improved customization capabilities
One of our favorite parts of Night Out ticketing is the ability to provide you with awesome custom designs for your event pages that match your brand and the character of your events. Custom designs ensure the buyer sees and feels what your event is all about right when they get to your event page. The design of your event page is just as important as an outfit; it defines you, sets you apart, let’s people get a sense of your unique personality. Our custom design capabilities allow you to give your event an individuality that enhances the way potential buyers feel when they see it. Custom designs now pervade to tablet and mobile devices, creating an appealing look and unified experience for your ticket buyer no matter where they see your event page.

Fully responsive event pages
Your event pages are fully responsive across all desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms. Our simple design scales down perfectly and are now beautifully optimized for any device. Our event pages have never been as accessible and simple, yet so powerful and robust.

Streamlined checkout process
We’ve re-imagined our checkout forms and simplified the process for consumers buying tickets. Our new forms make it easy as pie and as clear as day to purchase tickets in a few swift clicks. The new responsive nature of the site aids in the ease and effectiveness of checkout, making it a seamless experience on any device. We’re not going to say it, but we definitely have the easiest checkout form on the market… wait, we just said it didn’t we!?

Re-designed Social Stream
Let’s face it, our Social Stream is arguably one of the coolest features Night Out offers. Social Stream allows you to apply any unique hashtag and a Facebook event URL to your event page that automatically integrates posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook directly to the event page. This allows you to bring your event page to life with a real-time, crowd-sourced social story. It gives you a simple channel to get your messaging and updates out in a cool way, while building branding around your event with a unique hashtag. The Social Stream has been redesigned to be sexier and more aesthetically captivating. It fully gathers and presents the life of your event and the awesome people that attend it. **Pro tip, you can now include your event’s Social Stream on the Embed widget to bring it right to your site.

Promoter feature upgrade
Promoters are an integral part of selling tickets to your events. We’ve heard you loud and clear and are happy to say that we’ve built an absolutely indispensable promoter functionality within your Dashboard. This allows you to more easily manage your promoters and their hierarchy across your organization and events and track their sales. You can easily add promoters at the organization level and they’ll automatically be notified anytime you create a new event. Promoters have a full, independent dashboard where they can see the events they’re promoting and track their sales. Additionally, promoters can create sub-links under their account to track their individual campaigns and their own sub-promoters. Their sales are clearly presented on your dashboard, so you can see exactly what links they created, the clicks, sales, age of buyer, gender ratio of buyer, and revenue generated. This is the most powerful promoter tool on the market and we’re ecstatic to make it available to you.

More ways to get discovered on Night Out
This update includes many new elements to our website and app that make it more effective than ever for you to get featured and discovered by users on Night Out. Our platform connects you with your ideal consumer when it matters most, when they are looking for events and fun things to do! We know our fun seeking users will love being introduced to your events and share them with their friends. Learn more about getting featured here.

Have a look around and enjoy yourself! Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We love you and we wouldn’t be here without you! We appreciate your continued support and love having you as part of our organizer community, you rock… no really, you do! Thank you!

Things to do from here:

Learn more about Night Out ticketing.

Head over to your Dashboard to check on your event or create some new ones.

We’d love it if you told your friends about us! Check out our referral program and see about getting paid for sending some simple emails. Easy peasy!

Check out this blog post for what’s new on the Discovery end of things.

– Thanks again, The Night Out Team

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Event Page Theme Library and Custom Designs

Introducing our event theme library and custom design capability!

We’ve carefully crafted a number of themes to come hot out of the box and ready for action. You can customize any aspect of the theme you choose or hey, you can even start from scratch and make your event look however the heck you want!

Of course, this, as most other things, wouldn’t be complete without a little service! That’s why we’re here to help you with your custom design. That’s right, we’ll design you a custom page beyond your wildest imagination! You dream it, we do it, for FREE!

Keep in mind, not only can you customize your event page but you can also customize the mobile view, your embed widget, your Tickets Everywhere widget and your Facebook App so no matter where you’re selling tickets, you’re doing it with style! We know – crazy, right? It’s a bright new world out there so why don’t you show your ticket buyers how smart you are with a sweet new design for your next event!

Your design will persist throughout your ticket buyer’s entire checkout process, making it seamless and stylish all the way through checkout.

Keep in mind, this feature gives you the ability to own the branding on the page to give you a white labeled look that highlights your brand all the way through.

Let’s get your next event styled out! Get started creating your next event and choose one of our pre-built themes or give us a buzz and learn how our expert design team can have your event looking flashy in no time!

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