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Ferry Corsten at The Church

Fri, Jan 18 - 9:00pm 

Legendary Dutch producer Ferry Corsten’s passion for music continues to push the boundaries of the Trance genre.

BASS OPS: Xaebor

Sat, Jan 19 - 9:00pm

The basement of Club Vinyl will be going off for bass night. 

Young Dolph

Wed,  Jan 16 - 9:00pm

Over the past decade, Memphis rapper Young Dolph has ascended from a mixtape star to Dirty South royalty.

Bagels and Beer

Sat, Jan 20 - 2:00pm

Learn to mix, shape, and bake Rebel Bread's signature Baguette-Dough Bagel. Then head over to Woods Boss Brewing Company for a beer, and we'll bring the bagels over for our happy hour once they come out of the oven.