Introducing Backstage

Our new, improved and most empowering event dashboard yet.

We've learned a great deal from amazing users like you who have shown us what it takes to be the best event ticketing and marketing platform in the business. We've combined your feedback and our vision to completely reimagine our dashboard to make it even more powerful, effective and awesome in managing your events.

Without further ado, we're thrilled to announce that we just launched Backstage for you to start using!

Here's a short list of our favorite upgrades in Backstage:

  • Hands down the new customer/order search
  • The page view/sales graph on the main sales stats tab
  • Quick links from one tab to another (Ex. the “Add/Edit tickets” on the Ticket Type Sales Tab)
  • The simplistic and improved design/navigation
  • Oh, and it's completely optimized for mobile...  woohoo!

Here's a more detailed overview of upgrades that are now available in backstage:

One of the most noticeable changes in Backstage is that we moved the navigation to the top vs. the side as it was in the legacy dashboard. We did this so you can clearly see all the tab lists in one view without scrolling, which drastically improves how you get around from tab to tab.

Pro insight: One of the other reasons we did this was to eliminate the lengthy scrolling through the navigation options on the left and having a double scroll with the main tab/content you were looking at. We didn’t love that, but we love that Backstage solves it.
Top Customers

Maybe one of the most insightful of the new features, the Top Customers now shows you your top 20 customers by revenue along with a bunch of other great data so you can learn more about them and their lifetime with your organization. It will really come in handy to reach out to them with a big thanks, merch, promos or whatever you'd like!

Customer & Order Search

This feature makes it incredibly simple to search for your customers and their orders from anywhere in the dashboard. You can search by name, email, ticket number and order number and get quick actionable results instantaneously.

Pro-tip: when searching at the event level you’ll only see customers and orders for that specific event and you can search all customers and orders from current and past events from the org level. 
Customer Management

Once you’ve found a customer you can now get quick high level insights about them and all their orders for your organization. You can see their personal info, sign up data, contact information, and how many orders, tickets, and revenue they’ve done with you.

Pro tip: If a customer contacts you with changes to their profile (name, email, phone, etc.) you can now edit that directly on the customer view in Backstage.
Order Management

Once you’ve found an order it is now much easier to view and edit all their order details and take the necessary actions to provide quick and seamless support. You can resend order confirmations, text a customer their tickets, change names on tickets, add/edit tracking codes,

Pro tip: Working with others? You can easily copy and paste links directly to orders in Backstage and send them to your colleagues making collaboration easier than ever.
New Sales Tab

Knowing that this is one of the most visited tabs in the dashboard, we completely redesigned it to be more insightful and easy to navigate in Backstage. Now you get a quicker and clearer view of sales and sales over time with the page view and sales chart. Plus you can see the breakdowns of your Attendees and Revenue sources with ease.

Pro tip: We’ve listed out separate sub-tabs for sales by ticket type, promo codes, promoters, etc. near the top of the Sales tab to make it very easy to jump between and see more data and drilldowns faster than ever. 

	Pro pro tip: We included links to manage ticket types, promo codes, promoters, etc. on each tab to make it very simple for you to jump back and forth without having to fiddle around with navigation.

Probably one of the coolest and most useful elements of Backstage is that it is now completely optimized for your mobile device and tablet making it possible and awesome to manage your events on the go.

URL’s for Tabs

Each tab in the dashboard now has its own URL so you can easily link directly to specific dashboard tabs, customers, orders, etc. and use the back and forward buttons. This makes it very easy to send relevant tabs and info to across your team and our support team. Plus, it makes it much nicer while navigating from tab to tab.

New Tabs and Tab Lists

We’ve reorganized and simplified the tab lists by moving and/or combining/eliminated tabs to reduce clutter and make hopping around tabs much faster.

Pro tip: See below regarding Tracking Links and Box Office, which we moved out of tabs to be easier to access since they’re always right at the top of Backstage!
Tracking Links are More Accessible

We added a “Tracking Links” button that’s always at the top to make it faster and easier to get to your links to add/edit and manage them.

Box Office

This is now located at the top right of the dashboard making it simple to click it from anywhere and more seamlessly sell tickets.

Much, Much More!

That is a short summary of the major upgrades in Backstage. There are hundreds of other upgrades, design tweaks, enhancements and improvements that were made in Backstage that you may or may not even notice. Our goal was to make your life easier and more awesome while managing your events while making the platform more scalable and ready for more drastic improvements that are on the way.

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Keep in mind, Backstage can be deactivated back to the legacy dashboard or reactivated at any time in the new "Product Tour" button in the main navigation at the top of the dashboard. All new features and updates will only be made to Backstage and we'll eventually turn off the legacy dashboard, but in the meantime, you're free to hop back and forth if you like.

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Thanks for being awesome!