Box Office

Box Office allows your team to seamlessly sell tickets anywhere on any device! Box Office lives within our Entry Flow app and on your dashboard. Learn more about Entry Flow.

Box Office Within Entry Flow: Sell on Site

Within our Entry Flow app, you can check-in attendees AND sell tickets and merchandise at the door.

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Box Office allows you to accept multiple payment options, track your customers and keep tabs on ticket sales. Never fear overselling, losing valuable revenue or scrambling to set up tickets on a different app. NIGHTOUT has you covered.

  • Integrated with your existing tickets making it easy to manage inventory
  • Multiple parties can easily sell tickets simultaneously
  • Allows you to capture customer data and create notes during sale


Accessing & Using Box Office Within Entry Flow
  • Box Office can be accessed by clicking the far right button in the Entry Flow app.
  • All your tickets are pre-loaded within Box Office and will also show you how many tickets you have left to sell - so you never have to worry about overselling.
Processing a Payment Within Box Office
  • To take a payment, simply add the amount of tickets your customer wants and then select 'Checkout'. 
  • The next screen will prompt you to choose a payment option. You can choose Cash, Credit Card or Other.
  • NIGHTOUT has proprietary mobile credit card readers that we rent and sell. The readers work with Entry Flow and iPhones or tablets. Please contact [email protected] to rent or order mobile credit card readers.
  • If using NIGHTOUT's mobile credit card scanners, you will be prompted to 'Swipe now' after choosing to pay with credit card. If there is an issue with the credit card, you will see an error message that 'The card appears to be invalid'. Try swiping again, or you can always manually input the credit card number or choose a different payment method.
  • While collecting payment, you have the option to store customer information, such as name, email and more by clicking 'Additional Info'.
  • The final screen allows you to send confirmation and receipt information to your customer. With text and email capabilities Box Office works for all venues and customers. 
  • Throughout the checkout process, you can always cancel the order, edit the order, or move back and forth between the steps with ease and fluidity.
Box Office Integrated Within Your Dashboard

Box Office is available right in your dashboard! You can sell tickets via any smartphone, tablet, laptop or make a sale over the phone.


Feel free to contact us if you have any quesitons about using Box Office or Entry Flow as your check in and onsite sales solution. We would be happy to help! For quesitons or device rental requests please email [email protected].

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