Custom Tracking Links

Creating unique tracking links is a feature that you should totally be taking advantage of! We have made it extremely easy to create custom tracking links for your event page allowing you to track exactly where your ticket revenue is coming form.

Within NIGHTOUT you can create unlimited unique links designed to help you measure the clicks and sales generated from other online sources. You can use these unique links to track sales generated from social media posts, websites, sponsors, artists, venues or other groups who are advertising the event!


Creating and utilizing custom tracking links gives you a better picture of where your return is coming from. These links produce data immediately as they are clicked on. You can see which links get the most clicks, conversions and purchases right on your event dashboard within the "Sales" tab.


Trust me, you wont regret taking full advantage of this feature! Here's how you start creating those links!

From your event dashboard:

  • Navigate to the “tracking links” tab
  • Enter the link name and hit “add unique link”
  • The link is now generated and in the list of custom tracking links below
  • Hit “view links” next to the link you want to access
  • Then simply copy and paste this link for any specific marketing campaign you wish!


You're going to love this feature! Don't forget to reach out if you have any questions or if you need assistance creating your unique links - we're always here to help. Thank you!

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