New Event & Organization Page Designs

Your event starts with the ticket buying experience... That's why it is NIGHTOUT's #1 priority to make that experience simple, but awesome!

We recently streamlined the profile and event pages making them cleaner, more concise and bold with a large full screen layout. Along with the new look and functionality comes speed enhancements, new theme options, far more advanced and simple mobile / tablet views, and much much more!

All these upgrades come as a result from our never-ending quest to make your ticket buyers experience one to remember! Check out the new functionalities, design and layout of NIGHTOUT's event and profile pages below:

Clean Organization Profile Pages


Large Full Screen Event Pages


Advanced Gallery Functionality & Artist Connect Improvements

Learn more about the Photo Gallery & Artist Connect features!

Launch of Additional Event Listing Placements

Not familiar with this feature? Learn more here.

Simple & Clean Mobile Layouts


We hope you love the new design layout and the updated functionalities that came along with it. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about customizing your profile and event pages.

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